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Stories to Create the Life You Love
Passion and Purpose

My first meeting with Älska Publishing (pronounced elsh~ka) – it means LOVE, was filled with playful, magical synchronicity; On Saturday morning March 24, 2012, I received two extraordinary gifts.  The first was a calling card for the second.  My seven year old granddaughter awoke from an extraordinary vision.  During sleepovers, we often share dreams. “Grangran,” she exclaimed! Someone poured water in my eye last night.  And Jesus held my hand and made them vibrate.  Then I looked up and saw lots of colored dots in the sky.”
 I smiled, gave her a big hug and told her I loved her dream. Deep in our embrace, a serene clairaudient voice drifted up; “new people are coming into your life.”
Puzzled at my interpretation of her vision, we ate breakfast.  Soon after, I opened my computer to read the latest news and check emails.  To my surprise only one email was in my box.  It was from Sean Patrick Simpson, cofounder of Alska Publishing inviting me to become a contributing author in a new book series titled Adventures in Manifesting.  He felt inspired to invite me and I felt even more inspired to pay careful attention to a wonderful and powerful way to connect to countless individuals across the world.  I remembered my granddaughter’s dream and indeed wonderful new people were coming into my life.
These beautiful books, filled with inspiring stories, will inspire readers and offer valuable insights.  From tales of rags to riches, overcoming obstacles, (such as my chapter Passion Flower Power), you will witness how others succeeded in rising above limitations to the heights of empowerment both personally and professionally. With each story written from the heart, you will embark on an adventure into a world of inspiration for your soul.


Stories to align with The Power of Love

Love and Oneness

Once again, it was not hard to trust my inner guidance and quickly embrace a wonderful opportunity to be a contributing author in yet another book in the Adventures in Manifesting series.  In Love and Oneness, I felt inspired to write about the first step in truly loving another person.  My chapter, A Portrait of Self-Love, is the backstory behind the writing of my personal myth, a novel titled The Garden of a Desert Rose.  This chapter turned out to be the easiest writing, thus far, in my late-blooming career as an author. I believe it is everyone’s highest calling within the walls of physical manifestation, to awaken to the true power of self-love, which often involves releasing pains of past relationships, opening channels to simply, blissfully feeling comfortable in one’s own skin.  It is upon newly tilled ground, weeded for the purpose of full blossoming, one easily manifests their own happily-ever-after from within.    
Adventures in Manifesting Series of Five - A book series designed to empower people to create their best lives through inspiring stories for the soul.  Sarah Prout and Sean Patrick Simpson are the founders of Älska, a company that holds a powerful vision of bestowing metaphysical teaching of new thought to an ever expanding world audience.

  • Passion and Purpose – Create the Life You Love
  • Love and Oneness – Align with The Power of Love
  • Healing from Within – Ignite Your Well-Being
  • Success and Spirituality – Uplift Your Soul
  • Health and Happiness – Health and Happiness

Published by Älska Publishing,

I am honored to be a featured author in two of the bestselling Adventures in Manifesting series alongside contributing thought leaders xxx.